Catamaran Net

Trampolines for Multihulls

Nets&Co offers trampolines for catamarans such as the Lagoon, Founetaine Pajot, Catathai, Ocean Voyageur but also small series and amateur constructions. Nets & co makes custom nets to match the shape of your multihulls.

The material proposed for making the nets is the polyester mesh of 30 x 30 mm or 13 x 13 mm black and white. The edges of the nets are made up of a 10 mm diameter rope that strengthens the edge of the trampoline but also distributes the load over the entire surface. The resistance of the polyester nets is 175kg/m².

Trampolines can also be made of material Precontraint 492 from Serge Ferrari. This PVC grill has a resistance of 370 kg/m². The edge of the trampolines in prestressed may consist of a eyelet border arranged every 15 cm, this border can also be made of a sheath in which can pass a fibreglass rod and which will distribute the load on your trampoline.

We offer tension rope of 8mm diameter available in different colors (white, black, grey, red etc.)

The rope will allow to make the link between the fasteners of your structure and the bolterope of the net.

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