Railing nets

To secure stairs and mezzanines

Nets&Co offers a range of railing nets. These nets, usually installed in vertical position, are intended to secure a hole, a mezzanine or a balcony, but also a staircase.

NET & co nets can withstand 175 kg/m², which guarantees high impact resistance. Properly stretched, the net will fit with the shape of your space to secure and remain discreet in your Habitat.
Nets&Co offers mesh nets of 13mm, 30mm or 50 mm, these mesh sizes are available in white and black.

Nets&Co  propose galvanized 8x80 mm eye screw  or eyeplate screws

These fixations can resist to more than 60 kg/m²


We offer tension rope of 8mm diameter available in different colors (white, black, grey, red etc.)

The rope will allow to make the link between the fasteners of your structure and the bolterope of the net.

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