Hammock Floor

An original space in your house

The Hammock floor is a net installed in a house in order to create an original, cosy and relaxing area. The made-to-mesure nets can be set-up as an extension for mezzanine, an old stairway and other holes in your house.

Our nets are made-to -meseasure in order to fit perfectly in the dedicated space.

Limber, strong and economic, the hammock floor will turn any space of your house in a fun and relaxing area.

Nets&Co can make polyester nets with 13 mm meshes oh 30 mm mesh. Those two sizes of meshes are available in black or white colour. Our polyester nets can resists to 175 kg/m².
Flexible, solid and economical, the residential NET will transform any hopper in your home into a giant, cosy and friendly hammock.

There is only one condition to be able to install a residential NET in his house: have a solid structure on all sides of your hopper. This structure can be in wood, concrete or metal. In case you have a chimney duct or a stair climb that passes through the surface of the net, you only have to (do) make a structure that delimits this space. We will take into account these unhooked when making your net.

Nets&Co vous propose des pitons de 8x80 mm en acier zingué ou des pontets sur platine en Inox.

Ces fixations ont une résistance supérieure à 60 kg.


Nous vous proposons du cordage de tension  de diamètre 8mm disponible en différentes couleurs (blanc, noir, gris, rouge etc.)

Le cordage va permettre de faire le lien entre les fixations de votre structure et la bordure du filet.

Devis sous 4 heures

Confection sous 2 semaines

Fabriqué sur mesures

Livraison en France et à l'international